Coprophagia Gone Wrong: How One Man’s Pursuit of Poo Led Him to an Early Grave

Coprophagia is the action of eating your own poo, sometimes sexual, but other times purely compulsive. One man, Logan Chu, 29, had ventured into the sexual market for eating his own poo. Starting in December of 2016, he began offering video footage of him engaging in various activities relating to coprophagia.

While most of his videos contained relatively simple actions such as having logs dropped onto his face, other videos included much more risky actions. One video to detail (not the one that led him to his death, however) was him attaching a CPAP mask to the rear end of a horse, letting him asphyxiate on the animal’s fumes. The coprophagiacs spotting him managed to pull him free before he suffocated.

The video he was filming that led him to his death was one involving a sewage treatment plant. He and his posse managed to break into the premises of said plant and attempted to make their way over to the area where poo was fished out of the tanks. It is here where tragedy struck.

Police were called to the scene after a security guard spotted the men breaking and entering. Before Chu could get his fill of poopies, the police fired shots at him, killing him.

Author: CanvasTree