Donald Trump to Get a Vasectomy? Insider Reporting Reveals Deeply Concerning Facts


According to anonymous sources familiar with Donald Trump’s penis, there has been speculation that Trump may be getting a vasectomy sometime before February of 2019.

“It’s no doubt that he’s a player,” one of our sources stated. “He’s got women lined up to date him. His dick tops out at no less than nine full inches. Clinton ain’t got nothing on him. Man, Clinton—more like Cliton. That’s how big his shit is, man. Trump’s a beast in bed. If I turned that way you know I would be on that shit too.”

According to our sources, Trump is cautious about fathering a child with one of his aides. For this reason, he wants to eliminate all possible chances of that happening. He has scheduled an appointment in early January to begin the process.

Donald Trump has fathered five confirmed children with three different women. While a sixth with a fourth may not seem like a big deal, he was married to all those three women, and proof of infidelity would reflect poorly on a sitting president.

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