Florida Man Creates a Fortress Made of Poo Behind Walmart Shelf

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Lou Bashart, 52, was arrested this week after authorities responded to a trespassing report at a Naples Walmart location. When police arrived on the scene, they forcibly removed Bashart from behind a Walmart shelf. Afterwards, when store managers investigated the scene, they found something that looked as if it belonged to an alien landscape.

“At first I didn’t know what I was looking at,” said Buddy Wiff, 47, the head manager of the store branch. “It was only when I got closer and smelled it that it hit me. During the time he’s been squatting on our property, he’s been using the floor behind the shelf as a makeshift restroom.”

Items recovered at the scene were boxes of microwave TV dinners stolen from the frozen foods section, along with personal items such as a phallic sex toy, bottles of lotion, and several knives. All items had to be discarded due to the fear of possible contamination.

According to law enforcement, Bashart has been a vagrant for the last ten years of his life. He arrived at Naples in the past two years, after which he has had multiple incidents involving law enforcement. Bashart has two estranged children who he has not seen in over a decade.

“It’s honestly amazing how nobody caught him before this,” Wiff said. “We estimate he’s been here for over a month now, judging by the amount of feces. This could cost us around a few thousand to clean up. Regardless, someone’s getting fired for this. Jesus.”

Author: CanvasTree