Three Hour Car Chase to Catch Man With Grenade Launcher Ends in Tragedy

In Detroit, Michigan, a man attempted to hold up a 7-Eleven convenience store. However, while this is a common occurrence in Detroit, this incident was out of the ordinary. The cashiers were being held at gunpoint with a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

Darrel Washington, 24, the robber, was insisting that the cashier empty the safe of all the money contained within. The cashier, to go unnamed out of respect for her privacy, repeatedly informed him that employees do not have access to the safe. Despite this, he continued to threaten her until the cops arrived.

After he saw the cops in the parking lot, he pointed the grenade launcher at them, giving him enough time to enter his escape vehicle. For three hours, the police gave chase on the local freeways, keeping far enough back not to entice him to shoot. They eventually called in a SWAT tank squad to box him in, upon which he fired at them with the grenade launcher. The grenade ended up detonating in his car, causing irreparable damage to his groin area. A helicopter lifted him to the hospital for care after the police confirmed he was incapacitated.

“It’s a fact of life,” a police officer on location said. “You end up acting like a dick, you’re going to lose your dick.”

Due to the fact that Washington is no longer able to have children, there has been speculation that he might be in the running for a Darwin Award.

Author: CanvasTree